The first electronic music box in the world: a new line of music box equipped with Bluetooth sound

Here is a music box pioneering a generation of electronic boxes to come: It allows customers to choose the music they really prefer and at the same time, to put on a platform of figurines that goes together with the music. It was developed in co-operation of Prof. Wolfram Hardt (University of Technology of Chemnitz), Prof. Ludwig Guettler (the well-known trumpet virtuoso) and our rich in tradition Mueller Kleinkunst company.


The Mueller Kleinkunst line of DRESDEN FRAUENKIRCHE starts up a very special series of articles. Thanks to an innovative technology developed by the University of Technology of Chemnitz, our music box is the first in the world equipped with Bluetooth electronic sound.
The trumpet virtuoso Ludwig Guettler with his brass players also made a valuable contribution. Customers may now enjoy the synthesis of high-quality music and our wooden folklore articles. They may even look forward to the new technology being applied to a wider range of articles: We are planning to launch candle arches and pyramids with electronic features.
Our music box with exchangeable platforms of figurines is a novelty on global scale. The body of the box containing its electronic heart, customers may now put on the right platform, following the season of the year, or a temporary mood, or whatever occasion.

The body of the box remaining the same, the tune will sound to Guettler's brass players moving round the Dresden Frauenkirche, or Santa and his assistants round a Christmas tree, or Seiffen carollers round their famous local miners' church.

Together with us, the department of information technology of Chemnitz University planned and developed an electronic music box equipped with the latest technical standard both in recording and replaying. The whole took nearly three years to complete.
This is how Prof. Wolfram Hardt comments on the innovative technology: "The battery-powered music box is compatible with all Bluetooth-supporting equipment. As for its software, all windows-equipped personal computers and most mobile phones available on the market are supported."
This way, up to fifteen tunes can be saved in up to five lists of user's tunes. Users may replay the music fitting best in their moods or with a particular occasion. Except for the tunes contained in the scope of delivery, users may play their own recordings, including speech (love poems, stories, fairy tales..). A wide range of tunes will is available on this website for free-of-charge downloading.

Our novel electronic music boxes impress by both their technological brilliance and their exchangeable platforms of figurines. Never before in the history of Erzgebirge wooden folklore has there been anything comparable. Choosing a tune may now be accompanied by the way your music box presents itself: Getting married? Celebrating your birthday or a company anniversary? Would your children like to listen to a fairy tale from your box? You simply put on the right platform. Thus, our new generation of music box will always be something very special.
It may certainly be a very dear present to give to somebody. With each single platform or tune your box will seem to you something new. Again and again, it will take you by surprise.

Launching our novelty on the world market, we received prominent assistance: The Dresden trumpet virtuoso Professor Ludwig Guettler and his brass players contributed a number of tunes. To underline the prominence, we have created a particular platform of figurines depicting the musicians in front of the Dresden Frauenkirche. We promise you will be charmed by the excellent quality of the music we offer you.

The times of the conventional mechanic music box are over now. Our novel box plays its music via a printed circuit board and a loudspeaker. The experts of Chemnitz University have used this technology in candle arches since 2004. Now they have added Bluetooth and the necessary software. Thus, your music box can be wirelessly controlled via computer or mobile phone and you can now add your own tunes. "Mechanic music boxes have generally been delivered to the customer with a standard musical repertoire, mostly just one tune", says Mirko Caspar, the software expert. The novel box does not look much different, but it is something totally new. "It shows a number of functions unknown in mechanical boxes. For instance, it can be programmed to play a particular tune every full hour. It may even be used for morning calls", says Caspar. With the new technology, further applications are possible. Caspar continues, "Mueller Kleinkunst are planning to use the technology to a larger degree. For example, the lamps of candle arches may easily be controlled via Bluetooth."


Our special thanks go to Prof Ludwig Guettler for his music and good advice, Prof. Wolfram Hardt who developed the hardware, Academically trained engineer Mirko Caspar who created the software, Mr Daniel Opp for his all-round assistance, Mr Harald Linke for his translations into English, Master photographer Kristian Hahn, Graphic designer Ralf Brenner, Massoth Electronics, Sternkopf Communication and Mr Klaus Dahlke.

Customer Reference

Dear family Mueller,

when I visited Seiffen I discovered the music box “Dresdener Frauenkirche” with the marvelous carillon in your shop window. I got goose bums from the very thought to listen to the sound. You have to know, my mother was on the run from Schlesien to Dresden when she gave birth to us twins on the 14th of February 1945 in a restaurant in Berlin. Later she told me that she could feel and nearly smell the bombardment of Dresden and she thanked God that the abscondence ended in Berlin. The music box, I had to own it!  Now, on the occasion of my 65. Anniversary, my friends fulfilled my desire. On the Web page "Mueller Kleinkunst" they found it and I got MY MUSIC BOX WITH the CARILLON of the “DRESDEN FRAUENKIRCHE” with still another characteristic: Personal congratulations on it, spoken by my friend. When we played the music box on the birthday celebration, silence followed............ with devotion. My guests, who fulfilled themselves nearly every dream in life, were moved to tears! Goose skin purely!

Dear family Mueller, your wood art found the longing soul again and gave a cordial face to it. I thank you with all my heart. My history is also recorded on the Internet guest book “Frauenkirche” between the 1000th and 2000th visitor.

Kind regards, Yours Mrs. Buchholz from Berlin