Rolf Zuckowski Edition

There is a new music box coming up...


Enjoy the new generation of our electronic music boxes and listen to German Christmas carols. In association with Rolf Zuckowski, a German children singer-songwriter, and scientists of the TU Chemnitz we have developed a new kind of our popular electronic music box. The song “In der Weihnachtsbäckerei” - At the Christmas bakery - from Rolf Zuckowski was mentor for the motif platform. On top of the motif platform you can see three affectionate designed children, which are baking Christmas cookies like the songs describes. These lovely figurines are made of certified wood.

Rolf Zuckowski Edition

The scientists of the TU Chemnitz have developed a new generation of sound electronic. Now you can store 25 hours of music at the music box. Using a Bluetooth interface you can simply load your favorite music on the memory card via mobile phone or computer. Because of a barcode on the bottom of the motif platform, the music box now can read which music should be played if you stick another motif platform on it.
Be delighted from the sound of German Christmas songs and enjoy your time with the new music box from Mueller.


Because of the great success of the first Rolf Zuckowski Edition we got a second edition in cooperation with Rolf Zuckwoski. This time it's all about easter and the little easter bunny, which misses his grandfather. There is not much time left until easter and the little easter bunny doesn't want to help his family to paint and decorate the easter eggs. Nobody knows why and he is not telling that he misses his death grandfather. But soon his mum can tell why he is so upset and she tries to make him happy again. They read together a book about easter egg painting and how to find the best hiding place for the easter eggs, which his grandfather has written. Finally the litte bunny is feeling better and in the end he is going to help the other bunnies the prepare the easter eggs and find a good easter basket.

Enjoy the beautiful songs from Rolf Zuckowski and watch the bunny mum reading stories to her child, while you are waiting for easter.