Our new collection: The sportive edition


On the occasion of the 4th Chemnitz Donation Marathon we extended our successful winter sports collection by a type of summer sport. One marathoner is reaching the finishing line while another already lifts proudly his medal standing on the winner`s podium. In the background rises the Red Tower, the landmark of Chemnitz. The marvellous candle holders was delivered for the first time on the 4th of June 2011. They are presented as cups to the winners of the marathon in Chemnitz.


Our winter sports collection was developed in co-operation with Jens Weißflog. A range of different collectibles show kinds of winter sports such as ice hockey, four-men bob and biathlon in highest quality of workmanship. Of course the series contains also a ski-jump, on which a sportsman slides daringly against the jump. Loose-hanging icicles, flying flags and many small details animate the singular winter landscapes. At present the members of staff at Mueller Kleinkunst work already hard on motives for summer sports.


"Only if you deal with the subject, you notice, how complex the production of the wood art is. So the winter sports candle arches have for example a covered lighting that generates a romantic brightness. So you really get an impression of how the genuine floodlight jumping is like!“

"The modern figures please me. You can see that there is a change going on. For me it is impressing that the wood art industry in the German Erzgebirge developed a way to adapt to the spirit of time without denying their tradition. In this way also season-independent decorations became possible, because the modern figures are also outside of the Christmas season an attractive eye-catcher!“

Jens Weißflog, born in 1964 in Steinheidel Erlabrunn (German Erzgebirge), is the most successful German ski jumper of all times. The twice olympia winner. Since 2008 he is an Ambassador of the circle of friends of the Erzgebirge.