At a conference for sales success Kleinkunst aus dem Erzgebirge Müller GmbH wins the VertriebsVuchs a prize for special, smart, creative marketing ideas during the launch of the world novelty of electronic music boxes.

We are certified

As a member in the federation of the Erzgebirge art craftsmen and toys manufacturers we are proud of our craftmanship and our traditional handwork. This certificate confirms our award.

Awards received

The law requires Erzgebirge companies making toys and figurines of wood should be exclusively run by master toy makers.
In 2005, Gunter Müller was awarded the certificate ranking highest in the trade: Goldener Meisterbrief. To achieve it, he entered to a board of experts a doll-house sitting room which he richly decorated with inlaid work.
The picture shows how delicately it is made. However, our range of products having changed to arts and crafts, his design has never been part of a production line.

Our present Manager, Ringo Müller, became a master toy maker in 1996. To be awarded the title of a master, he entered to the board the first large and completely illuminated candle arch called Seiffener Dorf (village of Seiffen), which is produced still today (article no. 12000).

Since the political change in 1990, we have received a number of the awards, some of which we would like to display below.