Tour of the Company

Would you like to have a closer look at how we produce? Feel invited to join a virtual tour of our company.

First of all, we select the wood best suitable to make a particular product. We choose from more than 35 different kinds of wood. In addition to the wood from our region we also use exotic woods. In any case, we purchase only wood coming from regenerating forestry.

The wood goes through a quality check. Then, it is cut manually to length and enters further processing.

Throughout the production process, quality ranks highest. This is how we make sure that each of our articles is high value so your purchases with us will embellish your home.

The treasures we offer you, be they tiny or large, have all gone through our staff's skilful hands. We love the detail. Nearly all of the ten thousand components we use are made in our own workshop. This is what gives evidence of how strictly we look after quality. However, this approach to production means our articles take long time to be completed. Producing only in Seiffen, we rely on our highly qualified staff. They put their hearts in what they do, they always have done so since the beginnings of the company in 1899.

In the assembly department, our products come to life. Our well-experienced staff strive to touch our customers' hearts. Here you can see how Müller Christmas Angels are assembled. The rings that decorate the angels' arms, the necks and the gowns are made of African padouk wood. Clear varnish makes the wood's colour shine. Our female painters well know how to use their brushes when painting the angels' faces. Depending on how they are equipped, the angels are made of 17 to 20 components. It takes 25 worksteps to complete them.

This is how we assemble our design of Dresden's Frauenkirche. It is one of our most beautiful and most challenging designs. It consists of 145 components which are made into five modules. After further processing, these are glued together. In the end, the interior surfaces are equipped with a particular kind of paper so the electric light inside the church body shines gently. Assembling the church, we set a high value on precision. This is why our wooden design is as beautiful as the original of stone. Take it to your home and enjoy a very delicately made souvenir of the baroque Dresden.

Now we have reached the culmination point of our tour: Müller multi-tier Pyramids with crowns on their tops. The crowns have been standing for Müller Pyramids since 1985. They derive from folklore tradition and can also be found in the shapes of spider-type chandeliers. Our contemporary designs of crowns are made of maple, birch, or beech wood. A crown consists of the four components in its centre plus four rings. Again, assembling the eight arches takes highest precision. In the end, you will find each pyramid is perfectly made.

Applying the clear varnish, important for the creation of our shining articles, is applied in two steps. These are interrupted by a period of drying and intermediate whetting, a step which takes time but is inevitable as it evens out the little fibres of woold which are raised by varnishing. The varnish enhances colours and resists both UV-radiation and dust (smile if you hope to keep your wooden folklore treasures clean). We only use high-quality, eco-friendly varnish made in Saxony.

On their long way to the final product, our articles take well-experienced and loving hands to be completed. In any of our lines each single article looks the same as all the other ones. Yet one should not forget they are all hand-made so each of them is unique. Take another and even closer look: We've put a soul in it.

Here you can follow the manufacturing of candle arches and pyramids in moving pictures: