Please note that repairs can only be done in our workshops in Seiffen and that only repairs of articles which are in the current range of products are possible.

Please send the article well-packed with the completed repair form to our address.

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(No repairs!)

Representation North-America

Byers' Choice Ltd.
4355 Country Line Road PO Box 158
USA 18914 Chalfont, PA.
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Representation Japan

ELF imports and distributes a great variety of high quality toys, games and furniture which we believe can help to create a richer environment for children's play. We have made serious studies of how heartful children can grow up through play that is one of the most important and fundamental parts of childhood. In 1988, we started supplying fine toys and games to nursery schools and kinder- gartens all over Japan through a network of over 80 contracted shops. Having visited and studied at nursery schools and kindergartens across Germany in the years since we established ELF, we have come to believe that beautiful as well as functional surroundings are necessary to promote meaningful and valuable play. We have been greatly impressed by the beautiful craftsmanship of the products of MUELLER GmbH and realized that they could enhance the feelings of not only children but also of their teachers and guardians. Now ELF is working as a representative of MUELLER GmbH here in Japan introducing the work of their dedicated craftsmen to children and adults. MUELLER's fine works can make beautiful decorations not only in a nursery's room but also in any home, shops or place of business. Please contact us to find out more about the extensive range.

Company e l f
6-10-5-1F Mure, Mitaka-shi
Tokyo, Japan 181-0002
TEL 0422-41-3424
FAX 0422-41-3425

source of supply Republic of Korea

Ju Yong Kim
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