From vision to product

Before our affectionately designed wood figures please our customers in their living rooms, it is a long way. On the following page we invite you to take this path with us and to accompany our wood manufacturing from the idea to the final product.

The ideas for new articles come from the large pool that our enterprise developed over one hundred years with the assistance of our designer. Some of the suggestions of our customers were also incorporated into the development. From time to time older products are adapted to the spirit of the time and the current desires.

Even smallest subtleties, like the bouquet of flowers and the bird sitting on the signpost are worked out in every detail. Our goal is it to let the figures become alive by their told stories.

Our traditional handcraft makes it possible to shift each article with your completely special note. Whether neat advertising medium or a special dear message - speak with us about your ideas!

Here you can attend to the individual working process of the smoking man manufacturing, from the cutting of wood to the painting of figures.